Q: Where's the office?

A: We have two great offices. Our Snyder office is on the northeast corner of Main & Harlem. Look for the giant tooth facing Harlem Rd in our window next to Manhattan Bagel.  The North Buffalo office is on Hertel just north of Parkside. Our tooth logo is visible on the blue sign at the sidewalk as well as on the white lighted sign on the front porch.

Q: Do you have late or weekend hours?

A: We do have late hours on Monday evenings at the North Buffalo office and Thursday evenings at the Snyder office. We are closed on the weekends so our crew can enjoy quality time with their family & friends.

Q: What about emergencies?

A: Call either office right away if you're having an emergency such as a broken, lost, or painful tooth.  We'll do our best to schedule you in the with the dentist right away.  Current patients having a painful emergency over the weekend should call the office and listen to the voicemail message for the best number to reach one of our dentists.

Q: Do you provide discounts?

A: We do not provide discounts.  We feel the prices are fair and accurately represent the quality of care here at Nickel City Dentistry. 

Q: I'm getting married soon and would like to have sparkling teeth in my photos, can you help?

A: Absolutely, and congratulations.  For current patients on a regular 6 month recall for cleanings we're happy to provide a free cleaning the week of your wedding so that you're looking as white & sparkly as possible.  


Q: How often should I visit?

A: Each patient's mouth and oral hygiene is different but a visit every 6 months for a cleaning & exam is typically sufficient.  Patients with periodontal & gum diseases may be asked to visit more often until the effects of the disease are stabilized.  

Q: When do I need X-Rays?

A: The American Dental Association recommends that new patients receive a full mouth series of Radiographs (X-Rays).  In order to properly diagnose cavities and other oral concerns they then recommend updated X-Rays every 12-24 months.  Patients with a history of cavities or periodontal issues may require X-Rays more often.

Q: Does your office offer Fluoride Treatment?

A: Our office offers and recommends Fluoride treatment at every hygiene visit for children and as necessary for adults.  Topical Fluoride treatment helps restore enamel and prevent cavities and is highly recommended for people that drink bottled water on a regular basis.  

Q: At what age should I start bringing my children in?

A: The ADA recommends that the first dental visit take place within six months after the first tooth appears, but no later than a child’s first birthday. We happily offer free lap exams for a child's first visit up to the age of 2.  For more information on the care of your child's teeth, please visit the ADA Mouth Health Website.